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Delight your dog with the new Cesar wet dog food, a deliciously premium range of food for adult dogs. It is a complementary dog food to be fed with a complete and balanced dog meal such as Pedigree Dry Food. It has an irresistible taste and palatability with 87% moisture and 35 kcal energy per pack. Every dog deserves to be loved and treating them with Cesar is a great way to love them back.

This gourmet food provides your dog with a lot of taste, but with lower fat.
Made with steamed sasami and vegetables in a jelly base, Cesar promises to make mealtime more engaging and fun.
Made with high-quality ingredients, this gourmet dog food is cooked in a way that keeps the natural taste of its ingredients intact.
Key Features:

An extremely delicious dog food with premium sasami meat for your dog
Low calorie food with steamed low-fat sasami with vegetables in a jelly base
Cooked to keep the natural taste of its ingredients intact
High-quality meal provides 35kcal energy per pack
An ideal festive treat for dogs
Provides 9% protein, 5% fiber and 87% moisture
The perfect treat with a pleasing consistency
Suited for Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd

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