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Royal Canin put the animal first in everything they do. Every decision they make is based on years of study in their own centre and on partnerships with veterinary schools, universities and breeders. The aim is always the same, to provide precise nutritional solutions to meet the need of your pet. Those needs can be very different and one food does not suit all. Age, breed, size and lifestyle are all taken into account. Royal Canin were the first to meet the different needs of small, medium and large breeds, and to develop breed specific foods.

Royal Canin Babydog Milk Puppy Food 400g is suitable for first age puppies from birth to weaning, Royal Canin Babydog Milk is formulated to be as close as possible to maternal milk, with high energy and protein levels to support healthy growth. This formula contains a lactose content very close to that of maternal milk and is composed of carefully selected, ultra-digestible proteins and prebiotics to support your puppy's digestive health. Royal Canin Babydog Milk is enriched with DHA (an essential Omega-3 fatty acid) that is naturally present in maternal milk and helps to support your puppy's cognitive development. It is recommended that you refer to the on-pack feeding guide to make sure your puppy gets the appropriate volume for optimal support. Feeding kit (bottles, teats and scoop) included.

Royal Canin Babydog Milk is suitable for puppies from birth to weaning.

Key Features:

Complete milk replacer feed for dogs puppies from birth to weaning (0-2 months)
For steady, harmonious growth, the composition of babydog milk is as close as possible to bitch’s milk
High energy and protein levels

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