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Purepet Dog Biscuits are nutritious dog treats which gives immense joy to your pet. They are made with Real Chicken, our #1 ingredient, with no added artificial colors or flavors. It helps to maintain clean teeth and also freshen breath by cA worthy treat with carefully sourced ingredients, our oven baked biscuits are all natural, protein-packed treat, palatable enough for even the pickiest dogs.
Key Features:

The crunchy texture of the biscuit helps to remove plaque & reduces tartar build up and bad breath
The combination of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids promotes healthy skin and lustrous coat
Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals help to keep your pet active and healthy
Purepet dog biscuits are available in delightful flavors i.e. 100% Veg , Chicken, Mutton and Milk
Ideal way to reward your pet each time for their good behaviour
Controlling the tartar build up, and promotes lustrous and healthy coat.

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