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Share moments of happiness and joy with your dog with Pedigree treat. These dog treats are the perfect combination of great tasting real meat and a soft chewy texture that makes it a special treat to be share every day. This Pedigree adult dog snack offers your best buddy an over-the-top meat experience. Made with real meat, these treats actually smell and taste great. Just watch as your dog comes running in after the first delicious whiff of meat as you open the pack. These tasty dog treats are a deliciously ideal for when you want to see that look of happiness on his sweet face or present as reward when training your dog.
Key Features:

A special delicious dog treat to share with your pet every day
Has a soft chewy texture that does not damage their teeth
Helps satisfy the dog’s natural instinct to chew
Made with great tasting real meat, ideal as a festive treat for dogs
A long-lasting dog snack to help keep dogs engaged and occupied
Feed maximum 5 to 15 sticks a day, depending on dog's breed size.
Ideal for Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd

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