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Kittos Cat Treats Favorite Flavors Available with Multi-Packs (Chicken Liver Bites,35 gm) Kittos Cat Treats is an ideal treat for your fur babies as the product is an assortment of Chicken (50%) and other ingredients. Kittos cat treats are packed with protein to provide a pure, tasty, and highly digestible snacks. Kittos are delicious treats to keep your cat happy and healthy. It contains a good percentage of Proteins, Ash, Fibre, Fa,t, and other nutrients needed to fulfill the daily requirements. The product contains a good percent of Meat in it. This product will be a perfect treat for your meat-lover cat The product comes in twelve different flavors including Sunfish & Chicken Twirls, Chicken Jerky Strips, Snapper Jerky Strips, Salmon Rings, Tuna Jerky Strips, Chicken Liver, Duck Filet, Fish Chicken, Lamb Filet, Tuna Filet, Tuna Filet, Cod Sandwich, that is a perfect treat for cats.

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