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Hydra uses salon-grade materials and ingredients that are sourced and created with the same standards of safety found in human-grade skin and hair-care products. Our products are salt-free, so they won't cause dryness in the skin or coat. Hydra Professional offers products for specialized services and coat enhancement, including restructuring keratin treatments, deep-conditioning hair masks, colour enhancement, and more.
This wash will revitalize your pet's coat, leaving it bright and shiny while also reducing the yellowing of the coat. Our formula does not contain any bleach, only salon-grade ingredients like oatmeal extract.
Hydra's private facilities manufacture and test during every step of production. They source the safest, most effective ingredients and quality test products before they leave our facilities. Feel assured that your pet is using only the best.
Easy rinse and fast-drying formulas reduce the time spent bathing and drying, making for a quick and stress-free bathing experience. As the shampoo contains Jasmine extracts, it maintains skin hydration and softens the dogÕs hair
It reduces coat split ends and breakage. The jasmine as well as other natural ingredients of the shampoo helps to eliminate dog odour and makes your dog feel fresh. Also provides relief from itchy and sensitive skin
The shampoo has a fragrance infused with hints of Jasmine, Amber, Peach, and Citrus. It contains an optical brightener that works by absorbing ultraviolet radiation, thus maintaining the appearance of the lighter coat; and chamomile extract, which also has the function of brightening the coat.
ProfessionalÐgrade shampoo designed for professional quality results. Infused with SalonÐGrade Ingredients for a luxurious grooming experience for Pets and professional

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