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 Puppy Oye Inc. is offering Dog Gravy under Brand Name DUX NUTRI FORMULA®-Shredded Chicken Chunks. 

Chicken Chunks in Gravy is a nutritious and complete diet for your pet dog. Made with high-quality ingredients, DUX NUTRI FORMULA® provides dogs with the 5 Signs of Good Health – stronger immune system, strong muscles, optimal digestion, strong bones & teeth, and healthy skin and coat. Gravy Pouch Contains a higher moisture content that keeps your pet hydrated and energetic. It can be mixed with any meal and supply fresh water at all times. it is suited for all puppy breeds from Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd.

Manufacturing: Best Quality Food is processed under ISO standard facilities with defined quality control parameters.

Chicken chunks in Gravy (Original Choice) For All Ages of dog is a complete, balanced diet food

  • Serve a bowl of DUX chicken chunks to your loving PET
  • Keep him healthy & happy.
  • A complete diet for your pet in the Dog Food category.
  • Chicken Chunks in Gravy offers all goodness of a Puppy’s needs.
  • Best Gravy for regular use.

DUX NUTRI FORMULA® Puppy & Dog Wet Food

  • We are offering a healthy treat for your pet.
  • It contains high-quality essential nutrients & antioxidants for physical benefits
  • Having the nutritional value for your PET.
  • The Source of chicken also contains protein & Calcium.

Ingredients: Gravy Solution 74.41%, Reform Meat chicken 13.82, Topping Reform Meat Chicken 11.77%

Modified Tapioca starch, Reformed Meat Chicken (Chicken carcass, tuna red meat)-high-quality ingredients to provide great love & uniqueness of taste.

Tapioca Modified Starch

  • It is a good ingredient for semisolid dog gravy
  • This is a highly digestible source for wet pet foods
  • Also provides a specific texture to determine palatability especially for small breeds

Storage & Handling: Store in a cool & dry place. After Opening, refrigerate the unused portion for 3 days maximum.

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